The Unreliable Media Strikes Again

by Dr. Sidney G. Cox, Ph.D., ND

 “These findings are so troubling that we expected major

media outlets in America to sound an alarm, calling for an

immediate reevaluation of current preventive health care

practices. But 4 years after publication of our study, this has not

happened. Could it be because, according to Robert Kennedy,

Jr., about 70% of advertising revenue on network news comes

from drug companies? In fact, the president of a network news

division admitted that he would fire a host who brought on a

guest that led to loss of a pharmaceutical account. That may

be why the mainstream media won’t give equal time to stories

about problems with vaccine safety.”

Neil Z. Miller,

Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 21 Number 2 Summer 2016


Again we are faced with the fact that the media has an agenda that no longer addresses the needs and concerns of the public.  Whether one is a Left Wing advocate or a Right Wing advocate is does not matter as the truth, or lack thereof, had it’s effect even though the outcome was not intended.  During all of this, it is the public that the media pretends to serve.  The question is, since the public has been abandoned by the news agencies, who are these so called informers of the news serving and why?  It is as plain as the scratching of one palm or another.  Simply look amid their incomplete reports and skewed stories and you find a mixed variety of advertisements.  And amid those paid time blocks are the true sinister perverts lurking in the background of control.

In the world of  “capitalism”, it is capital (money) that controls.  It controls what you see and what you hear. It controls your food, the air you breath,  and the water you drink, all of which has been declining in quality and value for many over the last 100 years. The media, in reality, is like all businesses, driven by profit and not by truth and morals.  In the same sense, you can see that even non-profits such as religious, social and political entities are driven by capital and not by truth and morals in many cases.  So it is very easy to understand that profits are the end “truth” for all of these organizations.

That being said, it is also true that the media is an extortion operation as well as an extortion victim.  This two-way street is a vicious and cutthroat machinery that has left the original purpose of the “people’s” media in the dust of a forgotten road, no longer a voice of hope, understanding and possible direction.

The greatest example of this relationship with “capital”, the GOD of “CAPITALISM”, and the truth, visa viz, reporting of the news, is that the truth is only implied as a traditionally vested interest of society, a pretense of some reality that no longer exists, and the salaried (capital guaranteed) reporters of this morass of excrement called news should consider a worthwhile career.  The TRUTH is that….. the “NEWS” is really getting “OLD”.

Let me regress in time to an example of how the media operates in a form of good and evil.  During the age of tobacco interests, the media was interested in providing a  vehicle for seduction by the tobacco industry by providing not only lucrative contract ads to promote deadly tobacco products but also the production of programming that presented tobacco as a “cool” past time.  The seductive illusion of the “got it together” anarchist with a cigarette hanging from the mouth was common.  The appeal of inclusion into the anti-establishment was adorned with such decorations.  It made many “feel” as if they were included or accepted into a group that cared about them.  Illusions are all the same.

The government agencies of health and the medical field had been touting the deadly health ramifications of smoking.  Of course, the main channel of focus was lung cancer as the fear mongering center of attention.  In reality, the primary concern of American business was the effect of cigarette smoking on the productivity of the populace.  There were many studies conducted on the effect of cigarettes on the productivity of workers which in turn had its effect on the profits of companies.  Higher slave (oops, I should have said slave wage worker) productivity is the motivation behind increased wealth for the wealthy.  Keep in mind that wealth is the equivalent of control.  Wealth is fine but only if it is used in a way to improve the lives of others at least to some extent.  For the most part, this is not always the case.

It was the banning of tobacco advertising that turned the tide against the industry.  Those in power knew that if the advertising money was denied from the media then the media would not only be unable to promote tobacco but would also turn on the industry, which they did like wolves in winter.  You see, the media had no reason (money) to protect the purveyors of nicotine because the industry could not pay their extortion money.  It is the slickest racketeering operation in the country and nothing is done about it.

Enter the medical industry/pharmaceutical industry.  How many ads related to drugs do you see which advocate a need but at the same time warn against side effects that could include major health damage or even death?  Would anyone in their right mind take some of this stuff..seizures, Tuberculosis, Kidney or Liver Damage, and even death in any variety of ways.  Oh yes, you can even go blind!  In the above report it also stated:

“Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines
concurrently, as recommended by CDC, are significantly more
likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants
who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously. It also showed
that reported adverse effects were more likely to lead to
hospitalization or death in younger infants.”
Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons
Volume 21 Number 2 Summer 2016

The media also fired salvo after salvo at Donald Trump who refused to spend any sizeable amount of money for campaign ads compared to the 100s of millions of dollars spent by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.  Now, what are the odds that the payola potential of Trump would have changed things to some significant degree at least on some media platforms?

If you a wondering why the polls had it wrong then consider how poles manipulate and alter thinking.  Probably as much as electronic voting machines are bullet proof from manipulation.

 “In the 38,801 VAERS reports we analyzed, 26,408 infants
were younger than six months. After receiving one or more
vaccine doses, 1,623 of those infants died: a mortality rate of
6.1%. The remaining 12,393 infants were between six months
and one year of age. After receiving one or more vaccine doses,
258 of them died: 2.1%. The mortality rate for vaccinated infants
younger than six months was significantly higher than the
mortality rate for vaccinated infants aged between six months
and one year, with an RR = 3.0 (95% CI, 2.6-3.4). Infants who had
an adverse event reported to VAERS were significantly more
likely to be hospitalized or die if they were younger rather than
older at the time of vaccination.”

Next, they will have a vaccination for our minds to vaccinate us from the truth.

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