Appalachian Advanced Healing Center

Politicians should fight wars

Dr. Sidney G. Cox

Welcome to the world of information.

It has been taught over the centuries that knowledge is power.

In this day and age, information, thus knowledge is more accessible than ever and therefore the power of each one of us has the potential to change the world as never before.  The problem is, so many of us don’t take the time to gather information and study it.  We are too busy taking care of the massive amount of duties and tasks we perceive to be necessary to fulfill our common lives.  In order to fit in to the social culture we MUST attempt to do everything we can to “accomplish” success in all matter of events, networks and financial status models.  We must fit in and we must compete with each other as adversaries.  The culture dictates that the automobile we drive or the house we call our home or the position of so called responsibility is the measure of who or what we are.  The fact is most of us simply do not have much of anything of importance that is not attached to debt, taxes and potential loss at any given moment.  Even life is too fragile to be counted on for certain.  Competition is the name of the game.  But while we worry about what someone thinks about us as a social status object we fail to realize that only our personal self worth has value.  Everything else is a learning tool.  And the lesson is how to navigate the world in peace and happiness without all the attachment garbage that clouds the way.

So we come to the point of why we need information and what we can do with it.  The end goal is to wake up to reality so that we can change the world we have lived in for thousands of years into a better place.  There is no reason for suffering in a world of abundance unless we care only about ourselves.  We are being lied to.  The Con-Artist is at every door and behind every corner.  You and only you know the truth….about yourself…..the fact that you are part of the problem like all of us…..the fact that you have been duped by the clandestine thugs that rule the system and believe that their treachery is the “illuminated way”.  They paint themselves in the excrement of self indulging knowledge in the name of superiority only to find themselves trampling upon the very souls of mankind whom they are obligated and entrusted to  protect by the very Maker of Our Existence.  We owe nothing to ourselves but to each other, no less than the sacrifice on our own living breath.

Share the information.  Learn the truth about ourselves.  Become the a martyr of the living and not of the dead of heart.  Fear nothing as the world is simply the vibration of energy fields and eternity is it’s source.





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